Receive festive greetings from Mt. Elgon. I am here in this land of wonders, sampling nectar and ambrosia with senior oracles. The oracles here are known to be stumbling blocks to kings and princes. For in the words of the ancient oracle called Isaiah, nobody can teach wisdom to the Great Inspirer of oracles (Isaiah 40: 14).

That was why in the month of October 2007 the oracles pronounced through this page that Raila Odinga would later that year arrive at the seat of power only to find President Mwai Kibaki already seated, proclaiming – like the chameleon who ran faster than the horse – that he had beaten Raila in the race to the throne. And it came to pass.

Later, in January 2008, the oracles proclaimed that Raila Odinga, the Son of the Bull, was a slow punctured politician. It did not matter that afterwards he enjoyed direct oracular intervention. He was set to run out of gas. And he did. The details of his spurning oracular advice in 2012 are with him. The outcome is common knowledge. By the same token, the oracles on diverse dates in 2002 cautioned Mzee Moi about the Uhuru Project but he would not listen. He was told that the project was the poisoned chalice in the Kanu lap. He ignored. What happened to the Baba and Mama party thereafter is common knowledge.

It is not, however the Son of the Bull and Mzee Moi that I want to address today. I want to talk to the Son of the Burning Spear, otherwise known as President Uhuru, Kenyatta. The oracles are saying that things don’t look good at all. If the Son of the Bull has been on a slow puncture, the Son of the Burning Spear could be headed for a tragic political tire burst.

The Elgon oracles are telling him to forget about the lying hired oracles from offshore. These are of the type that is led by Mzungus who speak “Key-swa-hilly.” These people are lying to President Kenyatta through the nose. They are cheating him about his popularity rating in the country. They are tell him that half of the voters in the country would vote for him, were elections to be held today. I am told that the President actually owns the outfit through which a certain Tom Dick Harry is processing this popularity dossier before publishing it in “Key-swa-hilly.”

Hence, they are telling him that at a time when all the public hospitals in the country are under the paralysis of a nationwide doctors strike, Kenyans are very pleased with the performance of his government. At a time when theft by State officers has reached unprecedented levels, a Mzungu oracle is saying that Kenyans are very happy. This offshore oracle is saying that President Kenyatta is going to have a very easy walk back to State House in the next elections. He is either lying straight through the nose, or he has been commissioned to say exactly what he is saying.

Instructively, the sense of nationhood is at its lowest ebb. This is by courtesy of the President preaching the water of nationhood and drinking from the wine goblet of negative ethnicity. The President has succeeded in filling up Kenyans with negative ethnic passions. This includes both those from his tribe and those from other tribes. He is pushing the country back to the mantra of 2007, when it used to be proclaimed, “Forty-one against one.” There is urgent need to arrest this drift and restore the sense of togetherness across Kenyan tribes. Shutting our eyes to it will not work. Cheating the President that things are very good and that he is very popular only makes things worse. When the explosion comes, he will not even know where it came from. The time to tell him the truth is now.

We have sunk so low that legislators are even barred from driving into the precincts of Parliament. Hostile armed characters stand in their way, brandishing guns, daring them to try and drive on. The goal is to intimidate them and everyone else ahead of a bad electoral law being forced through Parliament.

It is instructive that while State House has been very passionate about the contentious electoral laws that Jubilee wangled through the House, the original impetus is known to have come from the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC). Given the passion with which State House and the Jubilee Party have afterwards owned and crusaded for these amendments, should we continue to believe that the IEBC did not, in fact, get the original draft from the Executive?

A very worrying scenario begins emerging. Is the IEBC acting at the behest of State House and Jubilee as the Opposition has claimed time and again? For why would State House be so passionate about a purely IEBC initiative? Why would the Presidency cause the Speaker of the National Assembly to publish a Government Gazette notice at midnight, recalling Parliament to rubber stamp these amendments? Why would Jubilee legislators be given an edict to ensure that these laws go through, at whatever cost?

As happened in 2006 and 2007, the country is getting dangerously polarized over things that could be resolved through sober dialogue. From the doctors’ strike to amendment of electoral laws, all the way to managing ethnic diversity, nothing is beyond dialogical engagement. In all this, the President sets out the direction, the pace and the mood. The preferred path would seem to be that of mutual ethnic hostility and draconian methods, even in Parliament. The oracles see a very difficult year ahead, with every line from the 2007 script.

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