Year: 2015

For four hundred years

For four hundred years, the African was a commercial item in international trade. The Transatlantic Slave Trade flourished from the 15th to the late 19th centuries, at the expense of Africa. For the African was the most sought for item in this trade, also known as the Middle Passage Trade, or the Triangular Trade. A […]Read More

Today Kenya marks the 52nd Jamuhuri divided

Today Kenya marks the 52nd Jamhuri, a divided nation. The very thought of a “divided nation” is of course a philosophical absurdity. How could you be at once a nation and divided? It is a contradiction between two valid realities, a philosophical antinomy. We live together as the Kenyan “nation.” But it is also true […]Read More

When you write a column you often find yourself in

When you write a column such as I do, you often find yourself in the wilderness. You live in a veritable ideological wasteland. Like the man Isaiah in the Christian Old Testament and John the Baptist in The New Testament, you are permanently crying out in the wilderness, engaged in a lonely dialogue of the […]Read More