Year: 2016

Another happy new year?

Exactly a week from today Kenyans will join the rest of the world in welcoming the New Year.  We will shout away the ending year and shout in the New with the usual pomp. We will even proclaim it a happy new year, as we have always done. Kenyans are ending 2016 in hostile style, […]Read More

President Kenyatta’s style generates worry and fear

In the arts we appreciate both form and content. What you do is just as important as how you do it. Sometimes your style will even say more than what the substance is saying.  Appreciation of this duality is as old as ancient antiquity. Aristotle (384 – 322 BC) elaborately discussed form and content in Rhetoric and […]Read More

Stop insults and negotiate with striking health workers in Kenya

We have not handled the health sector well. The ongoing doctors’ strike and its impact is the price society pays for mismanaging a highly sensitive sector. It is a factor of an insensitive National Government usurping devolved functions and funds without intending to give back anything, except cosmetic tokens and official mirage. We are wallowing […]Read More

Sometimes good things happen

Education Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiang’i and his team caught us all flatfooted. They say that old habits die hard. And ours don’t just die hard. They are bad habits that seem to be only second to our nature. For, we are accustomed to repeated cycles of life, after the same pattern of bad things, […]Read More

It is a beautiful world we live

It is a beautiful world we live in, although we rarely enjoy the beauty. We are too preoccupied with unending angry thoughts to cherish the beauty. You look at the high and mighty. You see portraits of unbridled anger. The world is not bending to their will. The only thing they can do, therefore, is […]Read More

Political adrenaline rush is on

Worrying clouds are gathering over Kenya. They will need to be nipped in the bud. Make no mistake; the country’s political adrenaline is in free flow, our negative energy levels on the rise. We need to heed the panic bells. From Murang’a to Kisii and Gucha; and from Nairobi to Kirinyaga, the emerging mood is […]Read More

The Americans have done It

The Americans have done it. They have given the world Donald Trump. Such is what a combination of fear, hate and narrow nationalism does.  It thrusts on to the global stage mavericks that will leave the world order transformed beyond recognition – for better or worse. Trump’s campaign marked him out as an unpredictable war-mongering […]Read More

Nothing is seen outside the cloud of negative ethnic energy

Kenya’s political class understands that it deals with a docile nincompoop population. It knows that there are those who will unquestioningly swallow its propaganda. That the African people called Kenyans are incapable of questioning anything the master says.  For, they belong to soft-brained ethnic political fan clubs. Members of such clubs have no minds. They have surrendered […]Read More

Them vs us- conversations of war

Just 8 years ago, Syria had an army, a police force, and an economy 4 times bigger than Kenya’s. And then this happened: ______ “Pro-democracy protests erupted in March 2011 in the southern city of Deraa after the arrest and torture of some teenagers who painted revolutionary slogans on a school wall. After security forces […]Read More

Devolution: Beware hyenas in sheepskins

You have heard of the numerous Senators and Members of the National Assembly intent on becoming Governors. As Kenya prepares for next year’s poll, I do not know of any Governor who would like to become a Senator. Nor have I heard of one who wants to go to the National Assembly. The story has […]Read More