Year: 2019

Just how did we end up with these hoodlums for

We lost it somewhere, I don’t know where. But the ugly orgy of violence in City Hall, Nairobi, this week confirms that we lost it. Or, maybe, we never had it in the first place, so we didn’t even lose it? You cannot lose what you never had? Maybe Kenya has just never had leaders […]Read More

If our leaders can’t do good, they can at least

Massachusetts reminds you of the non-conformist American ace playwright, Arthur Miller (1915 – 2005) and his tragic hero, John Proctor in The Crucible. But it also reminds you of Bill Loman, the toiling low man in Death of A Salesman. “Massachusetts in springtime is a beauty,” Miller’s John Proctor says,” admiring candescent American lilacs in […]Read More

There is no heroism in a liberator who turns out

Another African strongman has slept. Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia died on Wednesday this week in exile in Saudi Arabia. He joined several other African strongmen who have died in disgrace in exile. Outstanding among them are Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire, Idi Amin of Uganda and Milton Obote also of Uganda. There are […]Read More

Referendum debate steadily degenerates into intolerance

We move frightfully towards crude reductionism and intolerance. Virtually everywhere in the global community, we see things in black and white today. There are no grey areas, no room for conversation. We imagine that our challenges have only a single cause and one answer. We isolate individuals and communities and see them variously as the […]Read More

For great literatures of the world, the logic of love

“If love be so good, then whence cometh my woes?” Many hearts that pound with the beauty of love – both real and imagined – will reflect on their loves and woes with Geoffrey Chaucer. This is especially so in this season of long nights of loving and being loved. For it is the Valentines […]Read More