Beware, you too will be dumped in the end

It has been thirty long years since Saturday July 7, 1990. Thousands of Kenyans dared their way to the Kamkunji Saba Saba rally that never was. I was a young man in my early thirties. We had done a long rough journey as a nation. We yearned for a better country. No risk was too […]Read More

Worshipping the Lord of the Flies Kenyan Style

This article was first published in the Saturday Standard on 04 July, 2020. If I was to be the person to recommend only one book that everyone should read, it would be William Golding’s Lord of the Flies (1954). Over the past six decades, I have been privileged to read hundreds of books – thousands, […]Read More

Those who live by the sword shall die by the

Published in the Saturday Standard on 27 June, 2020 It is difficult to cry over the fall through the air of Aden Duale, until this week Leader of the Majority in the National Assembly. Yet, the thing tolls with the ring of sinister bells. The tumbling of the Jubilee legislative strongman rings with the sound […]Read More

Seek not to ask for whom the bell tolls, it

We are living in a dark moment in Kenya. Our terrifying past is raising up its ugly head from the ashes of misrule, like some sinister phoenix. The darkest of our historical landmarks are fledging. I have previously decried the capture of the Legislature by the Executive. Last Saturday I worried over railroading of Parliament […]Read More

Uhuru sinning against Kenya

I want to remind my dear reader, of the powerful words of two great Americans in gone times. “Some things are right, and some things are wrong. Eternally so, absolutely so.” These were the words of Abraham Lincoln, in his 1858 debates on slavery, with his arch rival, Stephen A. Douglas. Dr. Martin Luther King […]Read More

Covid-19, a Kafkaesque experience

_First published in the Saturday Standard in May 2020. _ Odd dilemmas of the kind that humankind is going through today call up the memory of Franz Kafka. The 20th century Bohemian writer was an outstanding novelist and a master of the short story. He had the rare masterly of bringing fantasy so awfully close […]Read More

A campaign gone kaput from the start

Published in the Standard in May 2020 Abraham Lincoln understood that if you would win a man to your cause, first convince him that you are his sincere friend. In 1842, the future iconic American president (1860 – 1865) was invited to speak to a gathering that hoped to help people considered degenerate alcoholics. The […]Read More

Coercive BBI reform agenda, political rallies unnecessary

As published on The Standard. A reformist agenda should never be the instrument of coercion. Indeed, reform and coercion are mutually exclusive notions. To use them as complements in one sentence is an example of the perfect oxymoron. For, how could coercion and reform even be neighbours? I am constrained to return to this subject […]Read More

Public display of fury against rivals can set a nation

As a published on The Standard newspaper. Is the unremitting public display of fury against the Deputy President William Ruto (pictured), a diversionary and distortive ploy ahead of 2022? Does it have the ring of a red herring? It seems that Kenyans must be directed away from the great questions of the day, to angrily […]Read More